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The Akashic Librarian

Discovering my Soul's Archive

by Cecelia Grace Butler

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This is a full-text version of The Akashic Librarian available in pdf.

Available at Amazon

This is a full-text version of 
The Akashic Librarian available for low cost at


Available at Amazon

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The Akashic Librarian


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About the Book

How does an ordinary Librarian transform into an angelic artist, healer, and universal Akashic archivist?

This personal memoir sets the background for my twenty-year healing journey. I recount the private, shocking, and disappointing events that led to my unraveling and the end of my long-term marriage.

My purpose in sharing this story is to assist others in making sense of how, from a soul perspective, their biggest challenges might actually help them grow spiritually.

As I learned how to tap into the Akashic Records, a universal library of wisdom and knowledge, my librarian’s relentless curiosity was unleashed.

The true meaning of my life had been there all the time. With the help of my guides and angels, I discovered my soul's purpose and transformed into a visionary artist, healer, and intuitive Akashic researcher.

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About the Author

Cecelia Grace Butler

 With a master's degree in library science, I worked for over 25 years as a reference librarian. I enjoyed helping others find information and knowledge in traditional ways. I was "Google" before the Internet was developed!

My formal education included training in both art and library information science. During college, I majored in art history with an emphasis on the French Impressionists period. Years later, when an unexpected angel appeared in one of my paintings, I became devoted to creating "visionary art" as a past-time.

After 9/11, I needed to find more peace in my life. I began my healing journey in 2002 with yoga.  My interests and research now turned to more spiritual inquiries. 

I became a yoga teacher to share yoga and other modalities for stress relief and relaxation. Eventually, I became certified as a Reiki Master, Akashic Records intuitive, past life hypnotherapist, and a Beyond Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner.

By combining my research and investigative skills with my ability to go inward, I have uncovered the truth of who I have been in past lives. I grew to understand more about myself from a soul level.

This is my first book.

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records is a universal library of wisdom and knowledge.  This etheric archive holds a record of each soul’s journey through all past lives and future potentials. In the Bible, it is called the "Book of Life". 

There are similarities between String Theory, quantum mechanics, and The Records. The term "akasha" means "upper sky" or aether. 

In the past, only very mystical and spiritual people could tap into the Akashic Records. Now with minimal effort, one can be trained to go to this repository of ancient awareness. 

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